Come and listen to the three sisters’ song:
The prophesy that Esaly realized,
the poetry that from Lemaya flowed,
and the memory that Wendeline showed.
The seed Esaly sowed with her own eyes
Wendeline harvested to right the wrong.
For ages has the Song in parts been sung,
broken apart its circle was unknown
with each canto a segment of its arc.
One volume was from the sisterhood sparked,
a second was penned for a king’s renown,
and the third book from my own fate was wrung.

The song is dark in the beginning,
but its cantos burn bright at the end.
The light of wisdom is found in the darkness,
and in the fire what was bound is released.
Circles within circles turn with each verse;
we are lights in the dark, and we do shine.
One circle begins with a darkling sign
and tells the tale of my own dragon curse.
The next circle shows how darkness is ceased
by the light that shines within the fearless.
The last circle takes up the wound to mend
so healing can show the start in the ending.